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pups from hard roc rotties
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another puppy from hard roc

                                     GERMAN ROTTWEILER PUPPIES

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I guarantee that the GERMAN ROTTWEILER PUPPY  you buy will pass an OFA hip certification at two years of age. If your puppy develops hip Dysplasia within the two year period, it will be replaced with a puppy of equal value at the time of  from the next available litter. This is not a money back guarantee; it is a replacement guarantee. The replacement pup will be shipped at the expense of the purchaser and the dysplastic pup will be returned to my kennel at the purchaser's expense unless other arrangements are mutually agreed upon. If the buyer decides to keep the pup then all guarantees are null and void unless other arrangements are mutually agreed upon.  Proof of the Dysplasia is required before a replacement will be made. This can be by documentation from the OFA or X-rays and a statement from a licensed Veterinarian. I reserve the right to have my Veterinarian examine and verify the x-rays before a replacement is made. I highly recommend that you have a preliminary x-ray done on your pup at about six mouths of age to make sure early on that the dog's hips are good. I guarantee that your puppy will be shipped in good health, with all vaccinations up to date. I do not guarantee temperament, the reason being, I cannot control what happens to a dog after it leaves my kennel.

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                                           PUPPIES FOR SALE                         

MALES $1100 - $1500                             DEPOSIT $400

                      FEMALES $1000 - $1500                        SHIPPING $500

A deposit of $400 will be collected for each pup reserved. Deposits are non-refundable unless there are extenuating circumstances and will be at the discretion of the breeder. Deposits will be taken on a first come first serve basis.  First and second pick deposits are priced according to breeder. Deposit may be taken on unborn pups once pregnancy has been confirmed. Deposits made must be specific on sex of pup at time of payment. Breeder reserves the right to not list pups to be kept by breeder, that choice will be made within the first two weeks of birth.

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