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                                                                                            DEPOSIT CONTRACT

Receipt & Holding Agreement

The following agreement is between_Tony Thacker_______(breeder), hereafter referred to as “Seller,” and_________________________hereafter referred to as “Purchaser.”
A deposit of ____$400________dollars ($_400_____), of which___$400______is Surety of Action, and $______$400_________is prepayment, Seller assigns Purchaser the option to acquire the dog described below, guaranteeing that the dog will not be sold to any party other than Purchaser for a period of ____________days. At the time Purchaser acquires physical possession of the dog, that portion of the deposit taken and unkown as Surety of Action shall be applied to the purchase price.
Purchaser assumes all responsibilities for the dog as of the date and time of this agreement.  Seller will not be held responsible for illness and/or injury to the dog except as that illness and/or injury would have been avoided by the exercise of reasonable and normal care.
The Surety of Action deposit received by Seller in the amount of $_____$400______is nonrefundable and $___0__________over the Surety of Action amount is refundable.
We the undersigned have read, understood and agree with the terms of this contract.

________________________   ___TONY THACKER  _______
Date &  Signature
Buyer                                         Seller/Breeder

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